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Announcing Jeff's Newest Release:

Living Room Sessions by Bright Avenue

The Kepple Family's newest release, "Living Room Sessions", is now available! This homegrown project features 11 new songs, recorded in their home studio, complete with the "near subliminal" sounds of  home. Can you hear Mika's meow or Rosie's wagging tail thumping on the floor?

This authentic album includes two original compositions of Jeff's daughters, Kelsey and Natalie, as well as some sizzling instrumentals featuring Kelsey on the violin and Natalie on the Cello. Buy it now for $11.99 and you will have it in less than a week!

The Other Side by Bright Avenue

The debut album by Jeff Kepple's new band Bright Avenue, featuring his daughters, Kelsey, Natalie and Claire. Click here for more information.

Let It Go:

Let It Go by Jeff Kepple

A magical album featuring beautiful back-up vocals by Jeff's three daughters, Kelsey, Natalie and Claire. Click here for more information.

Welcome to Jeff's home page! We hope and pray that in some way, your life is uplifted and strengthened through his music. His two releases, "God In A Box" (2004) and "Let It Go" (2005) offer an amazing variety of songs and styles that Jeff has become known for. From passionate songs of worship to whimsical tunes about the weather, to story songs about his family and patients.

Jeff is perhaps best known for his music inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia. With the Disney/Walden movie "The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe" just around the corner, get in the spirit with Jeff's hits "Aslan Is On The Move" (God In A Box) and "Just Behind Those Doors" (Let It Go).

If you have the Flash plug-in installed, you should be hearing Jeff's music. Click on the numbers below to listen to a specific track. Don't forget to tell your friends. Order now and Jeff will send you "God in a Box" .... in a box!

Jeff's songs are bright with spirit, melodies & lyrics that live in your mind and heart long after the music stops.

GOD IN A BOX is one of the finest artistic accomplishments to be exported from these High Sierras.

Roxanne Valladao
Executive Director
Plumas Arts

These 12 self-penned tracks convey profound, mature Christianity. California-based Jeff Kepple marvels at the wonder of creation and the fallibility of humanity. He is sometimes sorrowful but always hopeful. His faith is simple but not simplistic. The influence of CS Lewis is evident from the sleevenotes, the song titles and the presence of Aslan on the front cover. On "Shadowland" Jeff prays "Hold me close to your heart/My days are dark, I'm feeling alone." There are lighter moments too with the chirpy opener "I Love The Rain" and the bouncy but stinging title track. What really makes this is the remarkable musical way in which Jeff's friends complement his accomplished acoustic work and clear, easy vocals. Best of all is Mark Satterfield's flighty flute and sumptuous sax. But that's not all. Every track has a different instrumental delight: cello, violin, harmonica, percussion, mandolin, banjo. (I can't believe I just appreciated the banjo!). Amazing still is that Jeff's kids provide the occasional backing vocal and it works, especially on the haunting "Holy Holy Holy." A real gem of a debut.

Stuart Blackburn
Cross Rhythms Magazine,
United Kingdom.


Jeff's Upcoming Performances:
Nov.4, 2007
Hospice Benefit, Town Hall theatre, Quincy, CA